Learn from Nature


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When rain starts pouring and you start taking out of the closet your favourite sweaters, you remember a little bit about the warm days of summer, soon to be put away in a file of memories alongside your favorite summer dress and that pair of sandals that makes you feel like you can conquer the world.

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And as you do that, as you glaze at a new beginning, you start to forget about fun and that „dolce far niente” state of mind, you begin to build yourself up and become stronger and more committed to  that plans you made in spring: to give yourself a more important reason to be remembered than just your summer looks.

I kept wondering these days: how many of us actually have the courage to follow their dreams by the book and never stop at anything or anyone until they make it? Are we our own enemies?

When everyone around you keeps telling that you will never make it, that you should be a realistic and face the fact that not everyone in this world can have it all – that is when the Universe`s voice has to be louder that theirs.

When I took this pictures, I was so moved by this tree that is standing tall. I realized how much nature is actually teaching us and why we should listen to it more than to what others have to say.

Because you can study hard and read tons of books, but studying by example has always been the best method.

So start looking around and start learning.

Learn to rise without caring about the other around you. Learn to stand still when wind and storm are coming your way because really they are there just to make you stronger. Learn to never lean in front of the sun – it may be bigger than you are, but that doesn`t make him more powerful.

Last, but not least, learn to be a part of everything else around you. Because even if summer is gone and you will soon start to loose your leaves, it doesn`t mean you are less present.

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Erin in B L U E


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Erin in Blue

How do you call a long day that ends in a rewarding way? And how do you call waking up everyday and knowing that you are working on something that changes not only you, but that can make the world around you better?

I call it work and volunteering for something you believe in. I landed the job of my dreams and I spent the last two weeks of July in an amazing mood: I got the amazing chance to teach Art History to 35 less-fortunate children.

Have you ever wondered what is it like to try and organize all the information you got from school? And how difficult it is to keep 35 children with different ages to keep their radars running for one hour?

I didn t actually, always assuming that it cannot be really hard if you want it and if you love children. But I have to confess, it makes you wonder about your power to express what you want to say.

After two weeks of Summer School, what I can say without a doubt is how much I learned about children and mostly about myself. It is not only you that teach them something, but it is also about millions of things they teach you.

They teach you how to smile, how to have fun, how to say everything that is in your mind, how to never be afraid of speaking the truth, how to defend yourself, how to be friends, how to be creative, how to think without limits, how to solve conflicts, how love means being shy and reserved, how holding hands in secrecy means so much more feelings than one kiss in front of everyone else.

I am forever grateful to the people that did this and also to the people that donated for this children. I am sorry I didn t have the time to pick up all that you wanted to give, but I am planning on keeping close with the children so I will visit them occasionally.

In the mean time, I found some time to visit one of my favorite parks in Bucharest – The Children s World Park. I never really knew that this is the name of it, I guess I am still a little kid at heart.

Since summer is eager to show us how hot it can be, I realized denim-shorts, sandals and my only denim top are a match made in heaven. And since I hate outfits that show to much, my crochet pocho/dress completed the look.

Today s artwork is a piece my best friend found online and sent it to me at the exact moment I was preparing this pictures for the post. I do believe in the idea that art comes to you, you just have to embrace it. I love the posture of this girl, she seems caught in the middle of doing something that was secret, the blue make you feel a little bit of distance from her side and also leaves you wondering if she is upset with you for looking at her.

Because B L U E is not always about sad, it can also be about… H A P P Y.

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Cast a spell!


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Lisboa Part II - friskymuse.wordpress.com

I wasn`s supposed to write about Portugal today, but while I was enjoying my tea in the morning reading a magazine, I found an article about visiting Portugal and pictures from Lisboa and suddenly, nostalgia took over me.

While sitting there, with this images in front of me, I started remembering all the conversations I had about Lisbon in the past three years. July the 4th 2012 is the day I put foot in this city and it is for sure a day I will never forget.
It was windy and a little cold for a summer day, judging by the fact that in Romania the temperature was high. I never imagined how much my life would change because of that trip and I think that I never realised it was that way, until know.

Everything that followed after Lisboa, in my life, was such a roller-coaster, something I only read about in books and seen in movies.

Today, as my life starts to settle, I realize that there are no fairytales about Lisbon, all you hear is the truth. Because, even if I`ve been to places that were magic, even if I felt as the breeze was from a different world, I never felt so certain in my whole life: Lisboa is a magic land, with charms and magic spells, a place where the wind doesn`t blow, it whispers, the rain is just a potion for love or despair, the sun is fire, burning to complete his mission and to make you feel drunk and bewildered.

I keep forgetting about this last pictures I took in Lisbon so I decided today to post them. We were visiting the Theatre and Dance Museum and the Costume Museum – they are both in the same place, a domaine of a count that wanted to have a palace that looked like the National Palace.

Lisbon Part II - friskymuse.wordpress.com Lisbon Part II - friskymuse.wordpress.com Lisbon Part II - friskymuse.wordpress.com Lisbon Part II - friskymuse.wordpress.com Lisbon Part II - friskymuse.wordpress.com Lisbon Part II - friskymuse.wordpress.com Lisbon Part II - friskymuse.wordpress.com Lisbon Part II - friskymuse.wordpress.com Lisbon Part II - friskymuse.wordpress.com Lisbon Part II - friskymuse.wordpress.com Lisbon Part II - friskymuse.wordpress.com Lisbon Part II - friskymuse.wordpress.com Lisbon Part II - friskymuse.wordpress.com Lisbon Part II - friskymuse.wordpress.com Lisbon Part II - friskymuse.wordpress.com Lisbon Part II - friskymuse.wordpress.com Lisbon Part II - friskymuse.wordpress.com


New day – new thoughts. New nights – new inspirations.


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Raw Art - friskymuse.wordpress.com

URaw Art by Alin Popa - friskymuse.wordpress.comnusual Saturdays keep happening to me lately. Since my soulmate is out of town during the weekends with work stuff, I find myself working late hours in the weekends.

What for – you may ask. Well, it is not like I am without projects and things to do. For example, I keep pushing myself to be more active on the blog, but it seems I never have my laptop nearby when I have inspiration. And when I have a laptop nearby, I lack inspiration.

I spent last night working late for a presentation I have to give to 31 children that are less fortunate. I will tell them about art, colors, forms, art history and many more. Since I will have to teach them art history, I decided that in the two week that I will be their teacher, I will travel with them through all the art that ever was – starting the Prehistoric Era and ending today. All of course on a small scale – how many things can someone learn at once?

I did not forget about fun games and questions that will make them explore art in a way that every child should – by finding by himself whatever his mind thinks there is to find.

I promise to tell you all about that, but until then, here it is some other thought that popped into my mind while I was writing about art history: my house looks like a prehistoric cave.

My soulmate has two occupations: being an amazing light designer and experiencing the art of painting. To my big surprise, this is what I found coming home one day – his very own version of prehistoric art. Or maybe it is contemporary art, we can never be sure! Like it?

Raw Art - friskymuse.wordpress.com

That being said, enjoy your Sunday and make sure you do not forget about art – after all, art transforms ”eh” into ”eARTh” right?

P.S: There you have an Our Home vs. Prehistoric Caves comparison. See what I`m talking about? 

All hands were painted by Alin Popa from Lights and Magic. Except from the Prehistoric ones, of course. Curated by me. Supported by smART – Arts PR


Crazy Blossoms


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As spring starts to make its way through the damages winter left, I keep on wondering what exactly is ”asthenia”.

In the South, flowers bloom day by day. Some grow to be precious big magnolias, capturing all the attention and being photographed by everyone that passes by. In the city center, more and more trees became white again, but not because of snow, but because of the flowers that started to come into shape. Everything smells sweet and wild, and you cannot even hear the noise or feel the smell of gasoline or dust entering your nose.


For a few seconds, I find myself palsied in the middle of the street, inhaling the smell of spring that has captured parts of the street. People pass me by: a family, then their little girl who screams, probably she has some unfulfilled desire.

Her sharp scream and the smell of freshly bloomed trees take me back to my childhood, when every spring was a festival itself. When we learned about seasons in school, spring and autumn fascinated me the most. With their rich experiences, full of new things that happen in nature (and not only), I felt this two seasons as being the chance of a new beginning every year.

Surprisingly, autumn was not the season that brought me sadness and melancholy. It was spring, because in spring I had the most memories outside my house. So whenever I passed by a familiar place, I experienced the same sensations as I used to feel the year before or maybe dig dipper in the past and find myself at some early age, with flowers in my hair and a smell in my nose that would persist long after the sunset.


This year, spring and Easter came together to remind us of how beautiful the feeling of rebirth is. Like a Phoenix bird, everything rises again and what results is nature in it’s most beautiful phase: the phase of regaining it s strength and it’s power, the meaning in this world. Because what are the apple trees without the apples?

Nothing, since without the famous fall of Eva and Adam from Heaven we wouldn’t even exist.

Like nature, artists regain their strengths in spring and openings and exhibitions are happening every week in different corners of the world. At Dimisca Studio/Gallery, we have prepared an exhibitions dedicated to religious. As we are independent and non-conformists in a different, non-hipsterish way, we kept some conventions and transformed them in what we believed painting about religion should be, meaning more than 50 works in which artists shared their view on Christianity without restrictions.

Everyone believes in their own God and the sole idea that we, each, see God in different ways is what reinforces Its existence in this world.


I should be ending my post with an Easter wish, but somehow I cannot do it. This year I found myself struggling to wish everyone Happy Easter because it seemed like such a superficial thing to say.

So this year I’ll leave it up to you to think of a wish. And me, well, I’ll send all my positive thoughts to built a solid ground so that your wishes do come true.



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